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Return associated with the brainless hussies. From “American Idol” to Paris Hilton to a military of jiggly movie movie stars, vapid females be seemingly every-where.

Return associated with the brainless hussies. From "American Idol" to Paris Hilton to a military of jiggly movie movie stars, vapid females be seemingly every-where.


Rebecca Traister

Might 19, 2006 4:47PM (UTC)

Over the past week of April, Ellen DeGeneres welcomed Paris Hilton and her four Chihuahuas to her daytime talk show, fundamentally for a unique episode about dogs. After the host had the resort heiress sitting yourself down, but, she squeezed her on a non-canine problem, asking whether she had been hurt by Pink's video clip for "Stupid Girls, " which mocks Hilton and her shopping-zombie peers with regards to their essentially somnambulant behavior, and which a couple of weeks previously, DeGeneres had praised on the show. "We haven't also seen it yet, " said the resort heiress, in her own flat monotone. "But i believe. It is simply a kind of flattery. "

Any thinking one who has seen Pink's video clip, by which she delivers up Jessica Simpson's "These Boots Were created for Walking"

Video clip by humping a car that is soapy imitates an Olsen twin in Montana-size sunglasses and Wyoming-size bag walking directly into the plate-glass home of a boutique, and savagely mocks Hilton's look in a dingy night-vision intercourse tape, will never confuse the clip with any understood as a type of flattery. Particularly if that thinking person heard the "Stupid Girls" words, which get, to some extent: "They travel in packages of two or three/ using their itsy-bitsy doggies and their teeny-weeny tees/ Where, oh where, have the smart individuals gone? "

But Hilton just isn't a thinking person. Or, if this woman is, she'sn't let in. When it comes to purposes regarding the US public, this woman is primary Stupid Girl, unembarrassed to admit that she isn't conscious that London is within the great britain, or even to obtain the title of her very own video game incorrectly; Hilton is really so vacant that her behavior recently inspired an innovative new Page Six epithet: "celebutard. That she does not understand what Wal-Mart is, to testify" whenever DeGeneres pressed her on I think I definitely am a role model whether she felt any responsibility as a role model to young girls, Hilton averred? We work very difficult. We originated in a title, but i have done my thing that is very own. DeGeneres neglected to indicate that doing a person's own part of the face of terrible privilege isn't the just like being a job model, specially when a person's own thing involves trademarking the expression "that is hot. "

Hearing Hilton make an effort to have a discussion, the wind whistling between her eardrums, causes it to be difficult to ignore claims of cultural experts that have noticed an alarming vogue that is new feminine vapidity. The recent "American Idol" ascension of blond malapropism-spewing Kellie Pickler prompted a spate of stories about how playing dumb seems a sure way to get embraced by the American public in addition to Pink's sharp-toothed treatise. And Oprah recently summoned Pink, Naomi Wolf, "Female Chauvinist Pigs" writer Ariel Levy as well as others for an episode called "Stupid Girls, " which she kicked down by ominously announcing that tradition is "devaluing a generation that is entire of girls" by celebrating women as jiggly video movie stars, boobie-flashing twits, half-clad clotheshorses and label-whoring anorexics. To know news watchdogs tell it, dumbness -- authentic or placed on -- is rampant in pop-culture products being consumed by young ones; it gets transmitted through their skin that is downy and their bloodstreams through the publications and magazines they read, the tv they view, the styles they evaluate like stock reports, plus the a-listers they desire to be.

In order to learn precisely what signals teenagers might be picking right up, I invested fourteen days as immersed in woman pop culture as an old-fogy 30-year-old will get -- reading school that is sudsy high and teenager publications, searching MySpace, and viewing MTV truth shows -- waiting to see if I would be overtaken using the desire to don giant sunglasses and pretend to not comprehend mathematics. I discovered myself happily surprised at a number of the teenager media We encountered -- surprised enough to consider that the critique we have been hearing might be vastly overblown by grown-ups who have forgotten the air-popped diversions of the very own youth. But we had been dismayed sufficient by the others from it to acknowledge that the adults crying "fire" have point that is troubling. A number of the pictures increasingly being retailed to teens illuminate both just how women that are far young come, and just how effortless it 's still to cling to, recycle and sell outmoded yet comfortable pictures of unthreatening femininity.

We kicked down my inquiry into adolescent mindlessness at Barnes & Noble.

We'd read Naomi Wolf's March nyc instances essay in regards to the objectified females with credit cards whom populate the effective "Gossip woman, " "A-List" and "Clique" show and have been ready to think it. Wolf was indeed appalled during the means the publications' packagers (including seventeenth Street Productions, part of Alloy Entertainment, the Y.A. Marketing and advertising factory behind Kaavya Viswanathan's plagiarized " just just How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got crazy, and Got a Life") dressed their item in pastels which will make them "look sweet, " to ensure "any parent -- including her -- might place them within the Barnes & Noble container with out a 2nd look, " simply to go back home in order to find them saturated in "not the frank intimate research present in a Judy Blume novel, but teenage sex via Juicy Couture, blase and completely commodified. " In fact, one consider the covers associated with the "Gossip Girl" books, lots of which showcased females that are coltish one another's butts or their particular breasts, need to have tipped down Wolf that thar had been intercourse in them thar pages.

I decided "I that I would find Wolf's blase and totally commodified teenage sexuality inside like it like That, " mostly because the lipstick-application-cum-simulation-of-fellatio cover and a blurb promising "plenty of apres-ski hot tub fun" seemed to be sound indicators. Reader, We completed it. And, like, there clearly was no intercourse. Do not get me personally incorrect; "I Like It Like That" is an inexpensively written guide about spoiled teenagers who speak about sex, have actually apparently had sex in past volumes, get angsty about virginity, smoke, drink, do drugs and drop brands at an alarming per-sentence price. (learn question: what's a Bogner ski suit and exactly why could it be a plot point in both "I want it like this" and Wendy Wasserstein's novel "The Elements of Style"? ) Yet not as soon as in the guide's 202 pages do some of these young young ones have it on! In reality, one of several heroines, highschool senior Blair (end right right here if you should be likely to read "I Like It that way"), gets prepared to get rid of it to her closest friend's older sibling Erik, a super-foxy and rather sweet Brown freshman, however when they get naked, her knees kind of push him away. "we guess i am perhaps maybe not ready, " she informs Erik, whom smiles reassuringly and claims, "Nah, you are prepared. I am simply not the right man, that's all. " Alert the gatekeepers of virtue!